Oil Filled Radiators

Welcome to Oil Filled Radiators, the best guide to the oil filled radiators that you will find online and also the best place to buy cheap oil filled radiators. We display them from the top online shops and also show them with the cheapest first and so this is the ideal place to easily find the cheap deals.

Oil filled radiators are small heaters and are ideal for heating small to medium sized rooms. They can add heat when you already have central heating or they can provide all of the heat needed for a room and they are also very easy to use.

They use a standard electricity supply and come pre-filled with oil so that you never have to replace this oil. The great thing about oil filled radiators is that once the oil has heated up it will keep giving off heat without the need for any more electricity and so they are very efficient when it comes to the running costs.

When you buy an oil filled radiator you need to firstly look at the power that it uses and this is measured in watts or kilowatts (one thousand watts). The radiators that use more power will produce more heat but they will also use more electricity and so you have to make a judgment on this. Generally over one kilowatt will give off a reasonable amount of heat but if you are wanting to heat a large room then a more powerful oil filled radiator would be better.

They also usually have several power settings and the ones that have more settings are better as you can alter the heat that is being produced more accurately. And also look for the models that have a overheat cut-off as this is a very useful safety feature which ensures that your oil filled radiator will not get too hot.

And one of the best features that some oil filled radiators have is a timer so that you can set it to come on at specific times such as when you get home or get up in the morning and so a timer can be very useful.

So if you are looking to buy an oil filled radiator online then see the list on the right which is a general list of oil filled radiators with the cheapest first so that you can easily buy a cheap oil filled radiator. And also look for the heaters that have a long guarantee as many have ten years or more and these give an excellent piece of mind.

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